Monday, 18 April 2011

Beer Butt Chicken

Beer Butt Chicken

this is a very simple way to make a roast chicken something a little out of the ordinary!

take a chicken, take a can of beer. remove half the contents of the beer (into a glass obviously)

insert the chicken on top of the beer can......

stand it upright, and tuck the wings back so they don't burn.

chop some herbs, and make up a paste with some salt and olive oil.

rub the herby mix into the chicken skin.

roast as normal.

the beer boils and steams the chicken from within.

the skin roasts and gets all crispy all the way round.

I used lager and it gave a very subtle flavour, but wonderfully moist breast meat.

and beacuse there is some beer which overflows and mixes with the pan juices, the gravy is jummy!!



all done!!


purist will say it should be done inunder the hood of a big barbeque, and I can see the appeal...... maybe I'll try that sometime!

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