Sunday, 24 April 2011

Micronoffi (mini banoffi pie)

When I worked in the restaurant trade we were proud of our range of puddings. if we had less then 10 there was something wrong...... sometimes there is a rush on one thing or another and an emergency back up was needed. Banoffi was a quick and easy make to fill a gap on a menu.

now there are as many versions of banoffi as there are people making it, but this is a version very close to the banoffi served in Nick's warehouse where I spent 7 very happy years.

from the bottom, pastry base, caramel, banana, whipped cream with coffee essence, chocolate shavings.

and as a twist, these ones are two bites big (OK one of your mouth is as big as mine!!)

I use ready made pastry cases from the supermarket. purists, make your own!

in past times I used to boil a tin of condensed milk for about two hours (don't open the tin and DO NOT LET IT BOIL DRY!!!!) do four at a time and so long as you don't open the tin they'll keep indefinitely. NOW, I've found that I can buy tins of dolce de leche (literally sweetness from milk) for about 10p more than the tin of condensed milk. its a no brainer!!

so, into the pastry base, put in a layer of caramel, then a slice of banana. top it off with whipped cream, adding about 1 teaspoon of camp coffee essence just as the whipping is done. make sure you get the cream right down to meet the pastry as this keeps the air ioff the banana and it wont go black. add some chocolate shavings (use a potato peeler on a block of chocolate. easy!!)

for a full sized banoffi, the process is the same.



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